What is a blue-water navy and how many nations have a blue-water navy?

Blue Water Navies are considered navies that have an international focus. They function in the deep waters (blue) across the globe. Today that would most clearly be the United States Navy, but there are a few others that function in this regard in Europe.

The purpose of a Blue water force is generally not considered just ensuring that one nation is protected, but to ensure global security and stability, as well as protecting global trade lanes.

Green Water Navies, on the other hand is designed to operate in its nation's littoral zones and has the competency to operate in the open oceans of its surrounding region. This means that it patrols around the coasts of the region in which it operates. Nations that fit this model would include Russia, Germany, and China, along with all other naval powers that don't have a truly global scope of operations.

Brown Water Navies aren't true navies. Their focus is on inland waters, such as patrolling riverways, swamps, and other freshwater environments.

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