NuPro Fire Best High Quality Standing Case for Your Kindle

This is a very nice and economical case for the 5th Generation Fire. It is cheaper compared to Amazon's own case, but it is as good in terms of functionality, perhaps only better. While there are some very minor drawbacks, overall it is a nice case. Quick thoughts:

NuPro Fire Standing Case MATERIAL

The exterior material is polyurethane that is comfortable to grip and doesn't get dirty. It is not smooth like first-grain leather would be, but it has a nice look and feel to it. The inside is a microfiber lining that protects the screen and keeps it scratch-free. You can simply drop the tablet into your bag and you won't have to worry about it getting damaged or scratched.


The Fire can be inserted into the tabs on top and bottom. Once it's inserted, it sits very securely, no way it's popping out. The case does add a little bit of bulk to the device, specially compared to Amazon's case which is slimmer, but overall it's not bad. If you were to hold the front cover and leave the device hanging, there is absolutely no chance of it falling out.

The charging port, volume buttons, camera, and headphone jack are not covered and are easily accessible. There is also a cutout for the speaker at the back. The case does not muffle the speaker sound either. The case has built-in magnets which keeps it securely closed, and prevents dust from getting to the screen. When you close the cover, the front flap sits flush against the tablet, preventing any dust from getting in to the device.


The front flap folds all the way back and stays almost flush against the back, making it fairly easy to use the device one-handed in either landscape mode or portrait mode - very useful when you are reading.

Since the case doesn't add much weight, one-handed reading is easy. The headphone jack and volume buttons are easily reachable.

The case has a built-in stand for hands-free viewing in landscape orientation that provides two angles for viewing - the front flap folds back into the slot at the back and serves as a stand.

First position is just as shown in the pictures on this page, the standard propped up angle. This angle works fine on firm surfaces like tables or desks. However, if you are using the tablet on a soft surface or in your lap sitting in bed, this position might be wobbly. You can simply turn the tablet around, and now you will have a lower incline stand which is great for watching videos.


Very minor drawbacks - 
  • The case adds a little more bulk than Amazon's cases, but the difference is not much.  
  • There is no stand for portrait mode. 
  • You need to remove the case in order to access the MicroSD card slot. 
This may be a major issue if you are actively using your memory card. For me personally, I won't be using it often so I am ok with removing the case occasionally to access the card.

Overall I am very pleased with the case given it's material, functionality, and price. It is not as slick as Amazon's case, but it is significantly cheaper and it delivers all that you would expect from a case - good quality, protection, unhindered access to device, and good functionality.