How to Lose Weight Fast You Should Know

However, weight loss is probably at least 80% diet, and I would like to go ahead and pre-emptively counter those who may suggest simply reducing calories, and suggest instead a plan that will significantly improve your health and naturally induce the shedding of fat.

Why just reducing calories won't work

Whatever you may have heard about some professor losing weight for a month eating nothing but Twinkies, very strong long-term data indicates that calorie restriction simply doesn't work. Yes, people lose weight at first, but the body quickly adapts to the decreased number of calories and either plateaus or very quickly returns to its former weight when the former diet is reintroduced.

The reason for this is that you have programmed a set point into your fat storage system. 

The existence of a set point is demonstrated by the fact that nobody, for example, balloons to 4000 lbs or shrinks to 50 lbs--and by the fact that there are people who eat 4500 calories a day without gaining any fat.

By the quality and quantity of what you have eaten (assuming no thyroid or related problems), you have programmed yourself to be 300 lbs. overweight. Temporary reduction in size is possible, of course, but the body will try to return to that set point.

People who have lost and regained 100 lbs multiple times are not uncommon. The inescapable reality is that the body will ultimately defeat anything that makes it feel as if it is starving. So don't rely on calorie-counting or restriction. Instead, we must change your set point.

What Does Work

Your goal is not deprivation but nourishment and reprogramming. By nourishment, I mean nutrition. By reprogramming, I mean resetting your hormones, turning genes on and off, and transforming your metabolism in order to change your set point. This can be accomplished with a relatively simple plan.

1. Reduce starches and eliminate refined sugars from the diet.
No white potatoes (unless previously cooked and cooled--this converts the starch into a useful nutrient called resistant starch), bread, cakes, sweets, donuts, candies, etc. (with exceptions I will mention later). Limit fruit to 0-3 servings a day. No other sugars or starches, period.

The reason for this is to change your insulin metabolism. A detailed explanation is beyond the scope of this post, but I recommend some books below.

2. Eat 8-12 servings of vegetables a day.
Prioritize dark green vegetables, and strive for 3 servings per meal (for all three meals of the day). You need these nutrients for many reasons, but essentially they will provide your body with incredible nutrition and reprogram your genes. They are essential to permanent weight loss; do not skip them.

3. Consume significant amounts of omega-3-rich foods.
Forget about flaxseed, chia, etc. These provide only ALA, which is an omega-3 you cannot use efficiently. Instead, focus on fish; eat one serving of salmon, oysters, sardines, or another low-mercury, high-omega-3 fish a day.

Omega-3 really does transform the body at a fundamental level, by changing the structure of cellular membranes. They make hormones more effective, they improve muscle mass and reduce fat, and they improve heart health.

4. Consume 30-50g of protein at all three meals of the day, and optionally in snacks as well (as much as 150 total grams a day).
This is important to help maintain muscle mass and increase satiety. Your weight loss may stall or fail without it. Consume it religiously.

5. Consume 30-40 g of resistant starch daily, along with probiotics.
We know now from many studies that gut health and gut biome health are critical to weight loss and long-term health. If you have ever taken antibiotics, you probably need to replenish your gut biome. More serious options include fecal transplants, but use the resistant starch either way. (This is 4 TBSP of either raw potato starch--not flour--or plantain flour). Learn more about this here. A Resistant Starch Primer For Newbies

You can also get this resistant starch from cooked and cooled (refrigerated for more than one day) rice, white potatoes, and green bananas.

6. Don't fear fat, but don't overindulge.
Don't worry about the fat content of your food, but don't add more than 1-2 TBSP a day of refined fats to your food (including olive oil and butter). Unlike with carbohydrates, your body has an instinct for how much fat to eat. And you will need fat as a source of nutrition since carbs are limited. If you eat dairy, eat full-fat dairy, because other types are associated with increased risk of health issues like cancer.

7. Implement a cheat day--MAYBE.
If you cannot follow the outline above without a cheat day, then have a cheat day. Eat as many carbs or cheat foods as you want, but do one or all of the following before each cheat meal:
  • Consume a lot of caffeine (200 mg)
  • Take 100-200 mg of r-alpha-lipoic acid (reroutes carbs to muscles, among other things)
  • Perform resistance exercise, like squats, wall push-ups, etc. for 90 seconds or more
  • Take resistant starch (diminshes negative effects on blood sugar)
  • Take activated charcoal (helps remove toxins from the cheat foods)
Cheat days help some people and hurt others. Nobody likes the feeling of giving up on certain foods forever, so the lack of a cheat day may postpone the diet from ever starting or may cause cheating along the way. On the other hand, some people overindulge on their cheat days. Experiment and see what helps you more.

8. Most importantly, educate yourself.
If you are 300 lbs overweight, then your fat accumulation is a very serious risk. In addition to significant reduction in lifespan, it can cause terrible reduction in quality of life and increased likelihood of disease. It is therefore worth reading a few books in order to learn how to be healthy again--but in a happy, non-confining, non-hungry way. I suggest the following as a starting point, in order of priority.

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